Beginner Training

Integral Training for Beginners 

What you will learn:

Microblading & Shading (Beginner)

Permanent Eyebrows
  • Theory (skin types, skin layers, prototypes)

  • Colorimetry (selection of color, factors to determine the application of color, tones of pigments)

  • Design parameters

  • Techniques and movements

  • Practice of the technique in synthetic leather (with mold)

  • Design practice in synthetic leather (no mold)

  • Practice in real model (this procedure is carried out by the professional who teaches the course and the student who has a license)

Important notes:

  • Students without a license will not be able to practice in real model.'

  • They may record the procedure while the professional performs it, only and exclusively for personal use.


  1. Three skins.

  2. Six pigments.

  3. A plastic rule.

  4. 20 needles each technique 

  5. An anesthesia in cream.

  6. A pen.

  7. 5 vitamins A+D.

  8. Surgical marker.

  9. Shading machine.

Marketing tips
Continuous support (send photos via WhatsApp on Tuesdays for corrections and review of your process.)


  • Duration 2 days (10:00 am - 5:00 pm)

  • Total cost: $ 3,500.00 (reserved with a deposit of $ 1000, which are deducted from the total value of the course)

* The certification of the approved course will be delivered based on knowledge acquired*

You will only be master of Encanta when you send the internships for a month and all are approved.
the license to work will be obtained after:

  • Pass the artist course in microblading and shading

  • Approve the course of BBP (bloodborne pathogens) this course is taken by another specialized institution in this area.