Take care of your eyelash extensions

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Eyelash extensions are never in contact with the root of the natural eyelash or with the eyelid, this is one of the great advantages of using them since they do not atrophy or clog the follicle, so the growth of your natural eyelashes will be totally normal.

You will save time and money on makeup, since these eyelashes do not need an eyelash.

You will eliminate the eyelash curler from your routine, the extensions do not need it.

If you have mistreated your natural eyelashes with curlers or other procedures, using eyelash extensions you will recover your natural eyelashes since by not manipulating them they improve 100% to their natural state.

In order to take care of your eyelash extensions, please follow this steps:

- You should not use greasy products when removing makeup or cleaning your face and eyes.

- You will not be able to go to a pool or come into contact with sea water as often.

- When washing your face you should not use hot water or expose yourself to the strong jet of the shower.

- Don't rub your eyes hard.

- You should not curl them with any type of object whether they are curlers, spoons or cans, you will damage them immediately.

- Do not dye or make up.

- Never try to take off or remove the extensions yourself, this procedure should be done only by the specialist with a special remover, otherwise it will cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

- The duration of your eyelash extensions depends on the care you take with them.

- Extensions normally last 3 to 4 months with touch-ups every 15 days. (Each touch-up consists of placing eyelash extensions in the spaces where some of these have fallen). It is totally normal for some to fall during that time.

- It is recommended for hygiene to make a total change of the extensions for a new set every 3 or 4 months to avoid the excessive accumulation of dead cells and residues and thus avoid allergies or infections, making these changes can be used indefinitely.

- The only contraindication to using eyelash extensions is having allergies or chronic eye infections.

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